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With the discovery of the massive tablet bearing the Martius Glyphs, Stage One of the mission has been completed, beyond all expectations.  As the crew of the SS CHRONOS prepares for launch and readies to establish the first human colony on anther planet; one can but ponder man's lust for discovery and seeming rejection of what he holds dear.  Perhaps Stage Two of the mission and it's outcome, allows all on Earth to understand what they have and find a greater appreciation.  One can but hope...

Martius block black.jpg

The Martius Glyphs digitized to share with the scientific, cryptographic and archaeolexicologist communities.  


Chronos has touched down on Mars.  The first two humans in history have set foot upon the surface of the red planet, supported by Revelation that was there to capture the moment.

The astronauts will now begin to set-up the initial pod of the colonial base, and await further supplies to establish a longer term presence.

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